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The Warnerbus Light: the minibus you can drive on a B Licence

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Dft guidelines on incidental driving of minibuses

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Warnerbus Lightweight Minibus Flier

Do you want to limit the number of customers who can hire your minibus?

Of course you don't.

The Warnerbus Light is ideal for those people who need to drive a minibus on their Category B licence. Warnerbus can offer a genuine 14 seat lightweight minibus which weighs BELOW 3500KG. We'll tailor this to your individual requirements and all conversions are type approved.

Just a few features of of our lightweight minibuses are listed below:


The nearside entrance can have a variety of side steps fitted to it for ease of access. We offer under-floor steps, cassette steps and the option of manual or power operation. Handrails and D handles are also available as an option.


Genuine M2 tested seats in a variety of sizes and trims. Lap and diagonal belts, head rests and arm rests are just a few of the options available.

Strengthened Innotrax Flooring

Warnerbus will not compromise upon safety and, for this reason, we insist that all of our vehicles are fitted with the innotrax strengthened floor. Each floor is tailored to your bespoke vehicle and we can guarantee that all of our Coachbuilders have attended Braunability's rigid training program and that Warnerbus has approved supplier status. Once fitted to your vehicle, a high quality, anti-slip covering is fitted to the floor.

Please contact us on 01582 965738 to discuss specific floor plans.


The sides and roof of the vehicles are ply lined, then covered with high quality trim.

Warnerbus offers a number of optional extras to improve the passengers' comfort levels within your vehicle.

Please call us on 01582 965738 or 01582 296743 to discuss your requirements further.

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Warnerbus Peugeot Boxer 14 seat minibus below 3500KG
Peugeot Boxer LWB
14 seats below 3500KG

Lightweight Peugeot Boxer seating
Peugeot Boxer Minibus
Below 3500KG 14 M2 tested seats

Side step access Peugeot Boxer Lightweight conversion by Warnerbus
Lightweight Minibus
Peugeot Boxer

Vauxhall Movano L3H2 14 seat minibus below 3500KG
Vauxhall Movano L3 H2
School minibus below 3500KG

Vauxhall Movano L3H2 LWB School minibus below 3500KG
Vauxhall Movano School Minibus
Below 3500KG 14 seats

Vauxhall Movano Lighweight Minibus Interior Seating
Vauxhall Movano Lightweight Minibus
Interior M2 tested seating

Lightweight Peugeot Boxer Minibus Seating
Boxer L3 H2 interior view
Seating configuration

Peugeot Boxer Lightweight Minibus seating configuration
Warnerbus Lightweight Boxer Rental Minibus
M2 tested Seating

Strengthened Flooring with side step access
Peugeot Boxer Rental Minibus
Unwin Innotrax strengthened floor with side-step access

M2 tested seats within Warnerbus Minibus Conversion
Citroen Relay
Minibus below 3500KG

Citroen Relay lightweight Minibus
Lightweight Citroen Relay
School Minibus

Warnerbus lightweight Minibus
Relay School Minibus conversion
Below 3500KG

How will I know that my minibus really is below 3500KG?

We don't lie about something as important as this and we certainly don't compromise on the quality of your conversion just because it's below 3500KG. As well as using all OEM parts which meet with the strict Europeon legislation for type approval, we have your vehicle weighed prior to the actual IVA Test. Warnerbus always provides the registering dealership with your IVA Approval Certificate (IAC) and copies this for you. The weight is shown on the certificate as well. This will enable your vehicle to registered legally.

The PDF highlighted below shows a Warnerbus IVA Certificate for a typical M2 lightweight minibus. Ask your converter to provide you with a copy of your vehicle's IVA Certificate once it is registered. If they can't, ask them why.

IVA M2 Individual Approval Certificate for Lightweight Minibus:

Download PDF File
IVA M2 Individual Approval Certificate for 14 seat minibus below 3500KG