Warnerbus Accessories and Safety products:

Due to the varied nature of your individual requirements, Warnerbus offers you a great selection of accessories and safety products. Listed below are just a few of the options available to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Minibus Roof Ventilation
Roof Ventilation
Glass top Roof Vents

Minibus Reversing Aids
Vehicle Reversing Aids
Reversing sensors and cameras

Minibus Manual and Electric Side Steps
Side Steps
Manual foot operated and electric steps

Wheelchair Hoists
Wheelchair Hoists
Wheelchair Hoists

Vehicle decals, wrapping and livery
Decals and Livery
Decals, vehicle wrapping, livery and magnetic signage

Minibus Seating
Tip and Fold / Reclining and Lightweight Seats
Optional seating

Minibus Lighting
Additional Lighting
Aisle, Emergency and High Level repeaters

Minibus Storage
Storage Areas
Additional Storage Options

Driver Protection
Driver Safety Pod
Driver / Passenger protection

Minibus Heating, Air Conditioning and Climate Control
Heaters, Air conditioning and Climate Control
Heating and Air conditioning for passenger area

Minibus Tail-Lifts
Tail-lifts and Ramps
Tail-lift and ramp access for wheelchair and disabled passengers

Wheelchair Passengers Restraints and Third Point Fixings
Wheelchair, passenger restraints and Third Point Fixing
Restraints, including seatbealts

Minibus In vehicle Entertainment
In vehicle Entertainment
DVD Players